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Mastering Leadership: Insights from Executive Coach Emma Collyer

Discover strategies for resilience, building trust, and developing executive presence in this exclusive interview with Emma Collyer.

Exclusive Premiere. Available on all Platforms May 27th.

Emma Collyer, an executive and leadership coach, discusses the role of a coach and how they help individuals overcome challenges and improve their performance. She emphasizes the importance of self-reflection and seeking support when feeling stuck or wanting to improve. Emma also shares insights on building trust within teams, handling conflicts, and developing executive presence. She highlights the significance of understanding team dynamics and investing time in getting to know team members individually. Emma's drive in her professional life comes from her passion for helping people and making a positive impact.

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"I wanted to be able to help other people overcome challenges similar to myself and help them be the best that they possibly could be." Emma Coyller

Available on all Platforms May 27.


  • An executive and leadership coach primarily focuses on working with executives and people in leadership positions to help them overcome challenges and improve their performance.

  • Coaching can be beneficial when feeling stuck or wanting to improve in a professional role.

  • To find the right coach, seek referrals and have conversations with multiple coaches to ensure a good fit.

  • Resilience is crucial for leaders, and they can cultivate it by demonstrating calmness, reflection, curiosity, and taking responsibility.

  • Managers transitioning to leaders often struggle with using the same skill set and approach, but leadership requires inspiring and motivating others rather than giving tasks.

  • Building trust within a team involves demonstrating openness, transparency, and reliability.

  • When trust is broken, it takes effort from both parties to rebuild it, including admitting responsibility and discussing intentions.

  • Executive presence is characterized by credibility, authenticity, professionalism, effective communication, and the ability to inspire and motivate others.

  • To develop executive presence, assess your current skills, confidence, body language, tone, and appearance, and make adjustments as needed.

  • To turn a good team into an exceptional one, invest time in understanding individual motivations, focus on getting the basics right, and address any challenges or admin issues.

  • Handling conflicts within a team involves taking conversations offline, understanding motives and miscommunications, and addressing the issues privately.

  • Emma's drive in her professional life comes from her passion for helping people and making a positive impact.

  • She finds relaxation and unwinding through walks, spending time with loved ones, and engaging in aerobic exercise.

About Emma Collyer

Emma Collyer has been an executive and leadership coach since 2012, known for her supportive, insightful, and intelligent approach. She helps clients overcome limiting beliefs and build confidence, focusing on executives, leaders, and high-potential individuals. Emma draws from her extensive experience in the environmental sector, covering operations, financial management, and strategic planning. Certified by the International Coaching Federation and trained in team coaching, she also holds a degree in Landscape Architecture and is a Chartered Manager. Emma offers coaching remotely and in-person, working with individuals and teams. She lives in Lakefield, Ontario, with her family.

Connect with Emma:

LinkedIn: in/emma-collyer-aspire

Instagram: @aspireexecutivecoaching

Facebook: @emmaaspireexecutivecoaching