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Paying with Points: The New Way to Shop

Len Covello Breaks Down Engage People’s Game-Changing Technology

Exclusive Premiere, available on all platforms May 8th.

Imagine a world where you can easily pay with points at any checkout/point of sale. Engage People already have this technology and have been changing the loyalty rewards game.

Len Covello, CTO of Engage People, discusses his journey as a young entrepreneur and the evolution of Engage People's loyalty programs. He emphasizes the importance of confidence and resilience for aspiring tech entrepreneurs.

"Be confident in what you offer." - Len Covello

Len also highlights the integration of technologies like AI and blockchain in loyalty programs, as well as the role of advanced payment options in bolstering customer retention.

"Blockchain, I don't see an immediate expansion in the loyalty space for that specific technology." - Len Covello

He explains how Engage People's Pay With Points solution removes friction and enhances customer engagement. Len shares his insights on the future of loyalty programs, including the rise of paid loyalty and the increasing importance of partnerships.

"We fell into loyalty. It kind of presented itself and was pretty interesting to move forward." - Len Covello

He also discusses the challenges and opportunities in the global loyalty space and the evolving relationship between consumers, retailers, and financial institutions. Finally, Len shares his interests outside of technology and his typical day as CTO of Engage People.


  • Confidence and resilience are key for aspiring tech entrepreneurs.

  • AI and Machine Learning are currently revolutionizing loyalty programs.

  • Advanced payment options play a crucial role in enhancing customer retention.

  • Engage People's Pay With Points solution removes friction and improves customer engagement.

  • The future of loyalty programs includes the rise of paid loyalty and increased partnerships.

  • The global loyalty space faces challenges and opportunities, and the relationship between consumers, retailers, and financial institutions is evolving.

About Len

Len Covello, a lifelong entrepreneur and technology innovator, founded his first tech company at 18. As CTO of Engage People, he leads the development of transformative web-based applications, such as the 'Pay with Points' ecosystem, which integrates banks, retailers, and customers. His work has enabled the redemption of 1.4 billion points and expansion into major North American markets. Previously, Len co-founded Atomic Reach, raising over $10M and developing AI-driven content optimization technologies. A member of the Forbes Technology Council, Len holds patents in the payments field and continues to influence the loyalty and payments industry.

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