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From Heartfelt Missions to High-Tech Solutions: Fundraising Unleashed!


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In this episode, Andrew Clandeni discusses the world of fundraising and philanthropy. He shares his passion for being of service and how his diverse experience in different sectors shapes his approach to fundraising. Andrew emphasizes the importance of transparency, credibility, and trust in fundraising. He also explores the evolution of fundraising, the impact of technology, and the upcoming great wealth transfer. Andrew introduces the Genwell Project and its mission to promote social health and human connection. He shares key campaigns and offers advice for donors and nonprofits in preparing for the wealth transfer. Andrew concludes with personal insights and encourages aspiring philanthropists to be sincere and make a difference in the world.

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  • Transparency and credibility are crucial in fundraising to build trust with donors. -The evolution of fundraising has been driven by technology, demographics, and values.

  • The upcoming great wealth transfer presents opportunities for projects like the Genwell Project to gain more support.

  • Technology, such as the metaverse, has the potential to revolutionize philanthropy and fundraising. -Social health and human connection are critical in today's society, and initiatives like the Genwell Project aim to promote them.

  • Aspiring philanthropists should be sincere, educate themselves, and align their priorities with organizations they support.

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