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Transform Your Organization: Change Management Secrets

Mastering Change: The Jim Cruickshank Way


In this conversation, Jim Cruickshank discusses change management and its importance in organizations. He shares his journey in change management and the evolution of change management frameworks over the years. Jim emphasizes the need for effective stakeholder engagement and the challenges faced in implementing change across different departments or teams. He also highlights the role of digital transformation in the change management process. Jim discusses the difference between good and great change management strategies and the importance of measuring the success of change initiatives. He shares insights on ensuring sustainable changes and the impact of personal passions and hobbies on professional development.


  • Change management is crucial for organizations to successfully implement and navigate changes.

  • Effective stakeholder engagement and understanding the impact of change on individuals and teams are key to successful change management.

  • Digital transformation plays a significant role in the change management process, requiring organizations to adapt to new ways of working and collaborating.

  • Measuring the success of change initiatives involves considering productivity, time, and desired outcomes.

  • Sustainable changes require creating ownership within the organization and fostering a culture of continuous improvement.


00:00 Introduction: The World of Change
01:12 Background in Change Management
03:28 Evolution of Change Management Frameworks
06:05 Effectiveness of Change Management Frameworks
07:19 Complementary Frameworks in Change Management
09:15 Approaching Change Management in Different Departments or Teams
12:30 Digital Transformation and Change Management
14:24 Role of Stakeholder Engagement in Change Management
16:27 Challenges and Benefits of Change Management
23:27 Good vs. Great in Change Management
25:10 Measuring the Success of Change Initiatives
27:20 Ensuring Sustainable Changes
29:19 Impactful Approaches in Change Management
31:45 Personal Passions and Hobbies
33:36 Influential Books and Resources
34:17 Personal Routines and Practices
35:06 Mentors and Shaping Philosophy
37:25 Conclusion and Connecting with Jim

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