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Turning Carbon into Gold: The Biochar Revolution with Sofie Dejaegher

Exploring the Science, Journey, and Future of Biochar for a Greener Planet


Summary Sofie Dejaegher, co-founder of Biosorra, discusses her early life and interest in bioscience, engineering, and sustainability. She shares her diverse career in food and agriculture and how it shaped her understanding of sustainability and led her towards carbon capture technologies. Sofie explains the significance of biochar in addressing climate change and its unique benefits. She delves into the production process of biochar, its history, and its evolution into a modern climate solution. Sofie also discusses the journey of Biosorra, challenges faced, and the expansion to Kenya. She shares her outlook on the future of nature-based solutions like biochar in the fight against climate change and offers advice for making a difference in sustainability and technology.


  • Biochar is a unique and effective solution for carbon capture and sequestration, with multiple benefits in agriculture and waste management.

  • Nature-based solutions like biochar play a crucial role in the fight against climate change, alongside other measures to limit emissions and remove greenhouse gases from the atmosphere.

  • Starting small and continuously learning and exploring one's passions can lead to significant impact in sustainability and technology.

  • Building a network of like-minded individuals and seeking support from experts in the field can greatly contribute to the success of sustainability initiatives.

Sofie Dejaegher: Trailblazer in Sustainable Agriculture and Biochar Technology

Sofie Dejaegher, a dedicated bioscience engineer with a deep-rooted passion for sustainability, has been a transformative figure in the agriculture and food industry. Born in Belgium, she obtained her initial Master’s degree in Agriculture, setting the stage for her diverse and impactful career.

Sofie's professional journey commenced at Greenyard, a global fresh produce distributor, where she began as a quality assurance supervisor and later transitioned to the sales department, focusing on the distribution of organic produce in Belgium. Her commitment to sustainable practices was evident in every role she undertook.

Furthering her expertise, Sofie joined Vervit, a company specializing in micropropagation, where she led a significant research project to optimize potato seedling production. This role highlighted her ability to merge scientific research with practical agricultural applications.

Seeking to deepen her impact on environmental sustainability, Sofie pursued a second Master’s Degree in Barcelona, specializing in Global Change Management. This education fortified her skills in environmental, economic, and social sustainability, propelling her towards initiatives targeting climate change.

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