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Navigating the Future of Product Management

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In this episode, Pat Stagliano interviews Adam Aronson, a product management expert, about his personal journey into product management, the challenges of modernization and digital transformation, and the future of product management. Adam shares insights on learning customer needs, defining product, and nurturing products at scale and maturity. He also discusses his hobbies and activities outside of work, such as indoor rock climbing. Listeners can connect with Adam on LinkedIn and at TPMA events.


  • Product management is about solving real-world business problems with technology and sound business fundamentals.

  • Learning customer needs requires understanding the market, analyzing data, and collaborating with subject matter experts.

  • Product needs and management transcend industries, but the specific offerings and approaches may vary.

  • Modernization and digital transformation are essential for staying competitive and meeting customer expectations.

  • The future of product management will be shaped by rapid technological advancements and the need for continuous learning and adaptation.


00:00 Introduction

01:23 Personal Journey into Product Management

04:11 Learning SQL and Self-Taught Skills

06:05 Approach to Learning Customer Needs

08:30 Product Needs and Management in Different Industries

15:30 Challenges of Modernization and Digital Transformation

21:19 Defining Product and Starting a Product Methodology

24:34 Mentoring Product Teams

30:09 Nurturing Products at Scale and Maturity

37:12 Future of Product Management

45:23 Hobbies and Activities

46:49 Contact Information

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