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Charting the Future: Diversity and Innovation in Tech Leadership

Driving Change in Tech: Insights on Diversity and Product Strategy!
AI interpretation that visually captures the essence of diverse and innovative leadership in the tech industry, combining elements of futurism with human diversity, and set in an environment that suggests advanced technology and global connectedness.

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Join us on ArticulateTHIS! as we engage in a thought-provoking conversation with David Coons, a seasoned tech executive with a storied career at global powerhouses like Sears, Expedia, and Maersk. In this episode, we delve into the essentials of crafting effective product strategies in today's dynamic digital landscape, the significance of building diverse and inclusive teams, and how these elements combine to create meaningful change in the tech industry.

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0:00 - Introduction & David Coons' Bio
1:40 - Evolution from DotCom Boom to Today's Tech Landscape
10:15 - The Role of Equality, Representation, and Diversity in Leadership
38:18 - Defining 'Product Strategy' in Modern Tech
40:23 - Aligning Strategy with Corporate Vision
44:30 - Sears Canada’s failure to adapt and transform
52:40 - Expedia Acquisition Playbook + Serendipity = New Innovation
57:27 - Measuring Value Beyond Tangible Metrics
1:00:57 - Steps to Validate New Product Strategies
1:04:40 - Balancing User Needs and Business Goals
1:08:25 - Adapting Strategy to Evolving Consumer Behavior
1:12:45 - Recommended Resources for Current Tech Trends
1:15:40 - Product Management Compared to Sports: A Light Moment
1:21:00 - A Humorous Memory from Two Decades in Tech
1:23:38 - Advice for the Younger Tech Enthusiasts
1:28:40 - Conclusion & Connecting with David

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