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Mastering the Art of Tech Recruiting with Ashley Alfred

Discover how Sage Recruiting's founder reshapes tech talent acquisition with ethics, coding skills, and a startup focus.



In this episode of Articulate This, Pat Stagliano interviews Ashley Alfred from Sage Recruiting. Ashley shares her journey of starting Sage Recruiting and her motivation to focus exclusively on startups and software positions. She also discusses how learning coding and computer science has impacted her approach in the recruitment industry, allowing her to interview technical candidates on a deeper level. Ashley emphasizes the importance of ethical recruitment and the focus on diversity, equity, and inclusion in the roles they fill. She also provides insights into the emerging technologies and roles in demand in the startup world. The episode concludes with Ashley sharing her daily routine and promoting Sage Recruiting.

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  • Learning coding and computer science can enhance the recruitment process by allowing recruiters to have deeper conversations with technical candidates.

  • Sage Recruiting differentiates itself by focusing exclusively on startups and software positions, having a deep understanding of the tech world, and prioritizing ethical recruitment and diversity.

  • The vetting process for candidates should go beyond technical skills and include qualities like empathy, open-mindedness, low ego, reliability, and communication skills.

  • Startups should avoid common pitfalls in the recruitment process, such as not having a clear job description, hiring only junior roles, working with multiple agencies, and lacking communication and responsiveness.

  • Candidates looking to land roles in high-tech startups should showcase their experience in building something from scratch, demonstrate continuous learning and personal projects, and be active on platforms like GitHub and Stack Overflow.


00:00 Introduction

01:36 Welcome, Launching Sage

02:25 Learning Coding and its Impact on Recruitment

04:18 Differentiating Sage Recruiting

05:30 The Edge of Tech Skills in Recruitment

06:41 Vetting Process and Qualities in Candidates

08:27 Assessing Ego and Reliability in Candidates

10:29 Emerging Technologies and Roles in Demand

11:25 Impact of AI on the Technical Landscape

14:40 Adapting to Remote Work and Helping Clients Navigate

21:50 Commitment to Diversity in Hiring Practices

24:12 Ethical Recruitment and Transparency

28:45 Helping Startups Scale Their Technical Teams

31:29 Common Pitfalls in Startup Recruitment

34:40 Advice for Candidates in High-Tech Startups

35:54 Continuous Learning and Tech Skills

38:40 A Typical Day and Personal Rituals

41:20 Connecting with Ashley and Sage Recruiting

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